Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let me tell you how much I love this website/tool:

MEATSHIELDS! The Classic fantasy Hireling & Henchman Generator

Created by +Greg Gillespie , this is the one website I use before every gaming session.

I use it to help populate the tavern where my adventurers base their explorations of the Barrowmaze.

It's so quick and easy, and creates such delightful results.

My players are new to the idea of hirelings & henchmen, and have taken to it with gusto. The first two sessions a 0 level Man at Arms armed with a spear and a deathwish literally saved the group's bacon on multiple occasions. He had the hottest dice at the table, and was bathing himself in glory until overwhelmed by a large group of skeletons towards the end of the second night.

Having a couple of red shirts getting eaten by ghouls, pulled apart by zombies, or having their flesh ripped off by carnivorous flies really sets the tone for the night.

Plus, the (always cowardly) torch bearers running off with loot in the middle of tough fights adds to the fun.

I've got a new group of hirelings prepped for tonight's action. Which ones will survive? Perhaps if a single man-at-arms can actually make it through 2 sessions I will promote him to Fighter, 1st level.

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  1. If a man@arms performs exceptionally well over time I advance them to 1st level. We advanced a fighter to 4th level once.