Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day, I present:

Blood & Battle
1st Edition – Basic Draft
by Rob Griffin
Sneaking Orcs by Santiago Iborra
Variant rules for running a Humanoid Campaign compatible with the Swords & Wizardry game.

Using these variant rules for Swords & Wizardry, you can create characters who are orcs, bugbears, goblins, gnolls, and half-orcs. Classes available are Barbarian, Shaman, Witch Doctor, Sneak, and Warrior.

This is very much a first draft, with more to be added. Please feel free to comment. Suggestions & feedback are very welcome.

Here are the rules (20 pages):

My next project is to create an adventure for Blood & Battle:

B&B 1 - Against the Halflings!

Also, dont forget today only there is a deal going at Frog God Games on S&W stuff:


  1. Totally like this. It will fit in well in my northern lands inhabited by humanoids and their demon rulers. This may enable the players to play humanoids concurrently with their more bog-standard races.

  2. Going to have to give this one a go!

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  3. Thanx.. I was feeling a bit down because I couldn't find a half-orc race in S&W.. problem now solved!