Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yay another S & W Character Sheet!

Finding the right character sheet for my Swords & Wizardry home game has been something of a scavenger hunt.

Some sheets available online have great artwork, but not the fields I want. Some have the fields, but are designed for White Box, or Core Rules, or Labyrinth Lord, or OD&D (I'm using Complete Rules).

My graphics skills are laughable, and basically limited to what can be done in Google Docs.

I was making due with a very good sheet found on the downloads page at Swords & Wizardry SRD 

Until, that is,  I saw this awesome piece of engineering & imagination at Matt Rundle's Anti-Hammerspace Item Tracker

After seeing that sheet and learning how it works at Rotten Pulp,  I knew I had to incorporate it into a character sheet some how, some way.

Well, after pecking and clawing and printing draft after draft, here's my attempt at a 

I print them out on card stock. I hope my players like them.


  1. I took the liberty of seeing if I could make a form-fillable version of the sheet you created. Check it out at:

    Let me know what you think, how it could be improved, etc.!

  2. Awesome! Just downloaded it, and it is working like a charm. Thanks for doing this, I am going to forward the link to my players so they can fill out 2 or 3 characters each for the next play session.